This is Noni when she was 18.  Now she's 90, living in Maine, and when she's not lighting a Capri or nipping whiskey she hobbles around her kitchen and makes magic. She is the inspiration behind this restaurant: in the kooky style, in the friendly service, the perfect drinks and especially in the food you’re about to eat. We're a family-owned trattoria on an electric street called Edgewood Avenue, just a block away from MLK's old church, specializing in fresh Italian comfort food.  We've also been known to start a dance party or two.  Our staff is hands down the awesomest staff in all the world, and the driveway next to our front door leads to free and bountiful parking.

Watch Ryan bob and Kate weave as they craft your brunch cocktails with precision and care! And you'll be hardpressed to pick among our new brunchy treats, which we serve alongside our regular menu.
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